Two New Couples Join the JRCC Team

The JRCC is happy to report a new addition to the team at one of its branches, as well as the opening of a new branch. Rabbi Avraham and Chaya Mushka Weinstein joined the JRCC of Concord, while Rabbi Yisroel and Shaina Zaltzman are starting up the new JRCC Willowdale branch. The development and expansion of local neighborhood branches is part of the JRCC’s strategy of serving the needs to the Jewish FSU community and their descendants in a personal way from within the neighborhoods in which they live, and making the JRCC programs and services accessible to all.

New Year at the JRCC Hebrew School

The new school year is off to a great start at the JRCC Oscar Yolles Hebrew School. Thanks to the preparation and hard work of the staff at the JRCC Hebrew School, students and parents are looking forward to a great year of fun and learning. Teachers and staff warmly greeted students with great anticipation, with educational and fun-filled activities planned. Students have already learned about the significance of the holidays through interactive activities and art projects, and began using the acclaimed Aleph Champ system to learn to read Hebrew. The JRCC Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating Sunday and/or after-school program at six locations throughout the GTA. It’s not too late to sign up: Visit for a list of times and locations.

Pre-Rosh Hashanah Kids Programs
In the days and weeks leading up to the High Holidays and the Jewish New Year, the JRCC’s branches hosted several unique events to engage community children in preparation for this important time of year. The JRCC West Thornhill hosted a Mother & Child Challah Bake, a pre-Rosh Hashana tradition in a family atmosphere, as well as a kids-centered Honey Bee Workshop that explained the journey of one of Rosh Hashana’s finest staple foods to usher in a sweet year. The JRCC East Thornhill held a Rosh Hashana Fair featuring a variety of interactive activities and workshops designed to both entertain and educate.

Pre-Rosh Hashanah Events

The High Holidays are an intense time on the Jewish calendar, brimming with beauty and depth, potential for inspiration, and so much go explore and experience. To enhance the High Holiday experience in our community, the JRCC branches hosted a variety of events to prepare and tap into the holidays. The West Thornhill hosted a workshop on preparing for the High Holidays. The JRCC East Thornhill offered a class called “Know Your Machzor” that delved into the classical High Holiday prayerbook. In addition, a special pre-Rosh Hashana Challah Bake evening, an activity that has tremendous potential to elicit profound blessings, was held simultaneously at seven JRCC branches in the week before Rosh Hashana.

Concert for Women

The JRCC East Thornhill hosted a Pre-Rosh Hashanah Women’s Concert featuring a moving musical program by Katya Kapelnikova, an internationally acclaimed artist and songwriter. The even coincided with the 18th of Elul, known as Chai Elul, a luminous day marketing the birthdays of the Baal Shem Tov and the Alter Rebbe. It is said that this day encapsulates and draws the light into the month of Elul, the inspiring month leading up to Rosh Hashana and the High Holidays. The evening and the unique performance at its center definitely fit the bill, bringing inspiration and a feeling of connectedness to all those in attendance.