Judaism is the most powerful idea that the world has ever seen. We have a message that the world needs to hear. The Jewish way of life is a revolutionary force that transforms ordinary lives into lives of meaning. A family that keeps Shabbat is always reminded of what is really important—that there is more to life than accumulating wealth. The kosher laws teach us that we are not mere animals that must feed our every urge and desire, and that eating itself can be holy. A mezuzah on the door tells the world that this home is built for a higher purpose. Judaism teaches lessons that the world urgently needs to learn—that every individual person is created in the image of G‑d, and is therefore unique and valuable; that morality is not relative but absolute; that humans are partners with G‑d in creation, with a mission to create heaven on earth.

But often the observance of Jewish practices also costs money, and cost can often be an obstacle to furthering ones commitment and connection to Judaism. In order to help mitigate this obstacle, the JRCC offers several Jewish Identity Grants as a community service to those who, seeking to grow Jewishly, are met with a financial barrier.

Any Jewish resident of Ontario whose family comes from the FSU can apply to the JRCC for the following grants to enhance their Jewish identity by speaking with one of our rabbis and completing the appropriate application form.

 Phone: (416)222-7105 x293 | Email: [email protected]

The Jewish Identity Grant program is in memory of Ella bat Avrohom Yitzchak. 

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