Operating in more than 200 cities, the Tzivos Hashem Bat Mitzvah Club™ is "for girls, by girls, and starring girls."

The club enables girls to explore the meaning of their heritage, discover the special role of the Jewish woman, and meet other Jewish girls their own age, having lots of fun in the process!
The program includes learning as well as lots of hands-on activities, including art, food decorating, ceramics, community outreach and trips.

The club culminates with a gala celebration, in which all of our students will have a chance to speak and invite family and friends.


Bat Mitzvah Club 2024-25
SUNDAYS 5:00-7:00 pm

Base Location:  JRCC East Thornhill - 7608 Yonge St. 
Some sessions and special events may take place at other JRCC locations.