The rationale behind the JRCC’s latest community-building initiative is as simple as it is grand. With a community comprised of tens of thousands of individuals, and a team of less than a dozen rabbis, program director and their support staff to serve them, how is it possible to reach and connect with every individual? Clearly, more people need to get involved in order to make the dream of connecting every individual to the community into a reality. A lot more people, actually.

The JRCC Connect initiative aims to deliver thousands of packages each month to members of the community, by volunteers from within the community, for Jewish holidays and for birthdays. The Jewish holiday packages, including apples and honey for Rosh Hashana, Menorah kits for Chanukah, Mishloach Manot for Purim, and Shmura Matzah for Passover, connect people to their heritage and a shared sense of community holiday spirit. The birthday cake packages are a personal touch that create a more intimate connection between community members in the same neighborhood.

The inspiration behind this volunteer-based initiative is the Rebbe’s vision that, “each individual has the capacity to build communities and endow communities with life... So that every community member becomes a source of inspiration.” Each and every individual has the ability, and therefore the responsibility, to take an active part in making life better for others in their community.

In addition to the community service aspect of the volunteer work, the lives of the volunteers themselves are also enriched. The experience of giving and being active in the community brings with it a sense of purpose, and also provides opportunities for meaningful social interactions. The JRCC Connect team also holds a variety of exclusive programs and events for volunteers, celebrating their collective and individual achievements, and providing support and recognition for the work they do.

Plans are in place to expand volunteer activities to an outbound phone system that will serve as a conduit for various JRCC services, and to create a dedicated mobile app to coordinate volunteer activities and provide real-time updates to the JRCC.

Join the growing group of JRCC Connect volunteers, and experience the joy of giving, of being part of an amazing group of people, and gaining rewarding experiences.


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