What is a farbrengen? A farbrengen is a gathering, a joyous gathering. What happens at a farbrengen? It all depends on the participants. The purpose of a farbrengen, in the words of the Rebbe, is: “to encourage each other in Torah learning, the fulfillment of the Mitzvoth with Hiddur [beauty], and the spreading of Judaism in general. This includes, of course, the proper conduct in matters of respect and proper conduct and positive character traits, as has been so often emphasized in the many talks of our Rebbes and sages, generation after generation to the present day.”

A farbrengen is also described as a private conversation, where the presented speaks to him/herself and the participants listen. It is also compared to group therapy. The extent of the intimacy experienced at a farbrengen depends on the connectedness and openness of the participants.

So what is a farbrengen? A farbrengen is clearly many things. Many consider it a crucial component of their spiritual journey, a time to reflect and absorb the wisdom we gain, and to learn from and connect to one another. Experience it for yourself, and make it what you want it to be.