Boris Zaltsman

Edward Izikson.jpgI have been living in Canada for forty-five years. I was born in Ukraine, in Kiev. Before the war, there were four brothers in our family. At the outbreak of the war, the two older brothers voluntarily went to the front. One brother died, the other was seriously injured and became severely disabled.

Before immigrating to Canada, we lived in Lviv for twenty-five years. After leaving school, I entered a one-year course in sewing shoes, and acquired the specialty of a procurer – a fashion designer.

All my adult life I have been studying history, and I continue to do so to this day. I pay special attention to the study of ancient history, drawing information from the work of Joseph Flavius , “Jewish Antiquity,” and also devote a lot of time to the study of the general history of the Jewish people. Josephus Flavius was one of the most educated people of his time. He lived in Judea and Rome in the first century – that is, almost 2,000 years ago. Flavius is known throughout the world as the author of two outstanding works: “The Jewish War” and “Antiquities of the Jews.” “Antiquities of the Jews” is practically the only source of information on the history of the Jewish people from the era of the Maccabees to the period of the conquest of Jerusalem by the Romans. It also contains most valuable material on the history of Rome and ancient Greece.

At the beginning of the first century, the Jews revolted against the Roman Empire. The uprising, as we know, was brutally suppressed by the Romans. As a result, we lost our statehood and were scattered throughout the world. This past year, my book, "Catastrophe: To Know And Remember,” was published, in which I describe how Jews lived in the first and second millennia on the territory of modern anti-Semitic Europe, and how the Khazar Empire was formed. But primarily this book is about how the Jews walked a bloody path through 2,000 years of history in exile, until we raised a rebellion against the British Empire (like David against Goliath), drove the British out of the Middle East, and until the Jewish state was declared in 1948. We raised an uprising against the British Empire and managed to expel the occupiers from our historic homeland. From Menachem Begin's book “Uprising,” published in 1951, you can learn about how it all happened.

Edward Izikson.jpgAfter reading my book, the reader will understand what our closest allies are. It was they who connived with Hitler and his gang in the destruction and ruin of all European Jewry, calmly watching as they robbed and drove 7,000,000 Jews into the grave. After all, in every country there are always villains who hate Jews. They actively helped Hitler. Before World War II, there were 11,000,000 Jews in Europe. Currently, there are only about a million European Jews. The Western countries hid behind the Germans – that’s democracy for you! And after the war, Jewish property was brazenly plundered – houses full of property and millions in Jewish money were seized. All this continued to bring the robbers billions of dollars in income. The people have been viciously destroyed. There are no witnesses left. In 200 American museums and private collections, there are valuables stolen from murdered Jews – paintings, antiques, silver, and precious jewelry.

For fifty years I have been studying historical and archival documents, read a huge number of newspaper and magazine articles, essays, books, memoirs, testimonies of people who miraculously escaped from that hell. I present excerpts from several publications in my book. In addition to the horror, from which the blood froze in my veins, I experienced a vague feeling of a certain reticence, as if someone wants to influence the formation of public opinion, to impose a false historical truth. America, England and other Western countries today are eager to portray their involvement in the salvation of Jews during the Second World War. But they were also involved in the destruction and ruin of the Jewish people. I made this conclusion based on my research and conclusions. I also want to share them with the readers of my book.