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Jewish Weddings
A Match Made in Heaven

A Jewish wedding is much more than a "ceremony" or a symbolic ritual. It is a spiritual process which actually creates the soul connection between the bride and groom. Beneath the chupah, the wedding canopy, there occurs a fusion of souls; two souls which were separated before birth joyfully reunite.

Thus the momentousness of the occasion. An appreciation of the awesomeness of the moment results in the serious atmosphere which prevails beneath the chupah — at the moment when the union is being effected. And it is the very same appreciation which triggers the unbridled joy which follows at the wedding reception; an appropriate celebration for an event of this magnitude.

Jewish rituals and customs derive from a rich blend of historical and spiritual underpinnings. Rites of passage in one's personal life are inextricably linked to events in the history of the Jewish people. In this way, a traditional Jewish wedding is a tapestry woven from biblical and historical threads. These threads are carried from one generation to the next in an effort to link our contemporary lives to our past, forming a chain of Jewish continuity which goes back more than 3,800 years.

Our sages teach us that each marriage ceremony is a reenactment of the marriage between G‑d and the Jewish people that took place at Mount Sinai. The wedding day is the holiest day of one's life and is considered a personal Yom Kippur.

The JRCC assists prospective grooms and brides with wedding preparations and planning. The earlier you meet with a JRCC rabbi to discuss your plans, the better - preferably before your engagement, and even before you decide to start dating seriously. A competent and personable rabbi can provide personal guidance and help your understand the importance of the wedding and the Jewish perspective on marriage in general. He, along with his wife, will guide you through the process to your wedding day and beyond, helping you build and maintain a healthy home and ensuring that the spirit and holiness of our heritage permeates your new life.

To make a personal and confidential appointment with a JRCC rabbi, call 416.222.7105, or contact the rabbi of your branch directly.