Due to ongoing changes in covid-19 restrictions, we have decided to host smaller Purim banquets.
We're still working on planning the best events ever. Registration links will be added soon.


🥂 Family Purim Celebration 🎉


S. Richmond Hill & Maple
✈️ Purim in the Air 🧳


🎉 Joined with S. Richmond Hill & Maple 🥂


West Thornhill
🥂 Purim Banquet 🎉


East Thornhill
🤪 Emoji Purim 😀


South Thornhill
🎉 Purim Banquet 🥂


🧳 Purim in the Air ✈️


Willowdale & The City
🥂 Purim Banquet 🎉


For information on how to have a Purim Seudah, click HERE.