September 2016 

New Year Begins at JRCC Schools

The new school year is off to a great start at the JRCC, thanks to the preparation and hard work of the staff at the JRCC Hebrew School and the JRCC Preschool & Daycare. Students have already learned about the significance of the holidays through interactive activities and art projects, and began using the acclaimed Aleph Champ system to learn to read Hebrew. The JRCC Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating Sunday and/or after-school program at eight locations throughout the GTA. Visit for a list of times and locations. The Preschool and Daycare offers an enriching ECE program based on Montessori principles. Visit for more information.

Pre-Rosh Hashana Challah Baking

Hundreds of women gathered together at all the JRCC branches in advance of Rosh Hashana on September 29th to bake special round Challahs together for the New Year. According to Jewish tradition, when a group of women gathers to partake in this sacred tradition as one, it opens up the heavenly gates to their prayers, and draws blessing for the entire community – and it is a moving and powerful experience for those who participate.

High Holiday Workshops

Ever feel a bit lost during the High Holiday services? Those seeking to enhance their Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur experience were treated to special preparatory classes that helped people get ready for the High Holidays in uplifting and informative ways. The JRCC East Thornhill hosted a class for women on High Holiday prayers, the JRCC West Thornhill held a Know Your Machzor class on the holiday prayerbook and a class for women on practical preparations for Rosh Hashana, and the JRCC South Thornhill organized and evening called Navigate Your Holiday that provided participants with an overview of the High Holiday experience.

A Sweet New Year, at Your Door

With the help of several volunteers, the JRCC East Thornhill was able to spread the sweetness and joy of the Jewish new year to all 700 households of families from the former Soviet Union in the neighbourhood. The packages, containing apples and honey and a card wishing a Happy New Year from the community, were well received and a fitting expression of the oneness of our people, a central theme of Rosh Hashana. Special thanks to the volunteers who distributed the packages, and to Yummy Market for generously donating the apples.