13th Annual Chanukah Wonderland

The thirteenth annual JRCC Chanukah Wonderland Carnival brought an exciting day of activities to the CHAT campus in Richmond Hill to the delight of over 1,000 participants. As in past years, the event was held at the SRC (Schwartz/Reisman Centre, the JCC north location at Bathurst and Weldrick). But for the first time, the SRC partnered with the JRCC’s Chanukah Wonderland, rather than holding its own Chanukah carnival, which made the annual event even more spectacular and diverse than ever. There was also a greater variety of new attractions, including a Noah’s Ark themed inflatable ride, an animal show, and a basketball game for older kids, and several new partner organizations that collaborated in making it an amazing day, including the Ashkenaz Foundation. A huge thank you to Andrew Levy, SRC’s Executive Director, and Gustavo Rymberg, SRC’s Director of Community Events and Fundraising, for helping facilitate the joint event. Special thanks to Samantha Parnes, Managing Director of Ashkenaz Foundation, for her organization’s participation and for personally coordinating the wonderful crafts area. Parents and children enjoyed an afternoon full of different crafts and activities, including live shows, menorah making, an olive press demonstration, rides, and carnival games, while live music played throughout the day.

Menorah Lighting

The JRCC’s annual Public Menorah Lighting, one of over thirty JRCC Chanukah events, was held on the second night of Chanukah, Sunday, December 25 at Mel Lastman Square. The event attracted over 300 community members, local residents, as well as a number of passers by who were curious about the festive event, live music, refreshments and the 16-foot tall menorah in front of City Hall. Several dignitaries and public figures were in attendance, including members city council, who honored the celebration and the community with their presence and their warm words.

Women’s Events

The JRCC’s monthly women’s evenings feature a diverse range of programs to nourish the body and soul. Last month, in preparation for Chanukah, there were several gatherings. The JRCC East Thornhill hosted Oil and Choir evening, where women learned the art of herbal oil blending and bottling and enjoyed a choir performance. The JRCC South Thornhill hosted a Women’s Rosh Chodesh Society evening featuring a discussion on the topic of “Where Pleasure Meets Purpose,” at the home of Suzana Usakovsky. Women’s evenings are relaxing, rejuvenating, and a great opportunity to connect with your community.