2016 Jewish Russian Retreat

The highlight of last month, if not the last year, was the Jewish Russian
Retreat, held February 19-21 in S. Catherine’s. Like past Retreats, this year’s weekend (Friday to Sunday, three-day and two-night) was an uplifting, rejuvenating and thoroughly enjoyable experience for the
hundreds of people of all ages from across Ontario who attended. In
addition to the warm, friendly atmosphere, the main attraction was the
series of engaging lectures by fascinating guest speakers. Sassy Reuven shared his analysis and experience as one of the IDF hostage rescuers during the raid on Entebbe. Other guest speakers included Rabbi Shais Taub from Pittsburgh, Rabbi Boruch Gorin from Moscow, Rabbi Hillel Zaltzman from New York, Mrs. Katya Kapelnikova from Chicago, as well as our very own Mr. Marat Ressin, Rabbi Yoseph Zaltzman, Rabbi Levi Jacobson, Rabbi Yisroel Karpilovsky, and Mrs. Chiena Zaltzman. The weekend also included five-star catered meals, an array of entertainment and other activities, including bowling, swimming and zumba, and a separate children’s program. Stay tuned for information about upcoming Shabbatons and retreats.

Women’s Prayer Course

The JRCC East Thornhill recently concluded a four-week Prayer Course or Women, led by Mrs. Chanie Zaltzman. The course was well attended by women from a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Together, they learned in-depth about the power of prayer, the meaning behind various prayers and rituals, and became more comfortable with the Siddur (prayerbook) and synagogue services in general. “I feel like I gained a new ability, almost like speaking a new language,” expressed one participant. “I can express myself in a soulful way like never before, and I no longer feel lost when I am an synagogue.”

Women’s Events

The JRCC’s monthly women’s evenings last month featured a diverse
range of programs to nourish the body and soul. The JRCC@Rockford
hosted a Rosh Chodesh Party, filled with inspiring words. The JRCC East Thornhill hosted a “Paint Night” that enabled participants explore and share their artistic sides. The JRCC West Thornhill hosted an “Art & Soul” lecture through which women got to learn about the connection between spiritual and art in Jewish mysticism. Women’s evenings are relaxing, rejuvenating, and a great opportunity to connect with your community.