JULY 2016

Group Study Program Celebrates Third Year

The JRCC West Thornhill celebrated the third anniversary of its acclaimed Beis Medrash Chavrusa program at the JRCC West Thornhill. For two hours every Thursday evening, participants join with their “chavrusa,” or study partner, for in-depth, one-on-one study in the Jewish texts and subjects of their choice with staff and volunteers on hand to assist.Torah learning is an essential part of being Jewish. It is both the ancient text of our heritage and full of practical wisdom that can be applied to our lives today. It’s the experience of asking questions, searching for answers, getting in sync with the minds of the sages—the experience of making contact with a Divine Intellect. To join a study group in your area, contact your local JRCC Branch.

Journey to the Rebbe 2016

In honor of the 22nd anniversary of “Gimmel Tammuz”, several hundred peoplefrom our community, including a few dozen on an organized trip, joined tensof thousands of people from all walks of life and from around the world visitedthe Rebbe’s synagogue and Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 EasternParkway in Brooklyn, New York, and the Ohel, the Rebbe’s holy resting placein Queens. The participants of the trip also spent some time exploring the Crown Heights neighborhood,enjoying great meals together, and took in words of inspiration and personalstories highlighting the living legacy of the Rebbe – all while traveling on anew, state-of-the-art coach bus. Using the new online booking system, the JRCC’s organized bus was sold out in no time. Thank you to all the organizers and hostsfor making it a rewarding a meaningful experience.

Holy Temple Tour off to a Great Start

Dozens of people began taking a fascinating multimedia tour of the Holy Temple with Rabbi Levi Jacobson. The four-part course, called Know Your Temple, is running weekly from July 24 to August 14, featured a well-researched and informative course authored by Rabbi Jacobson himself, with the assistance of Exodus Magazine Editor Izzy Greenberg, that included a slideshow with illustrations of Temple, as well as photos of ruins and recent archaeological discoveries.Through the course, part of the JRCC West Thornhill’s Judaism 101 series,participants discovered the beauty, wonder and history of the Temple with an amazing virtual tour. Catch the last two “episodes” on Sundays (August 7 and 14) at 7 pm at the JRCC West Thornhill.

Daycare Summer Program

The JRCC’s Lein and Mindel Gelfand Preschool and Daycare is running a Summer Camp Program, which attracts both children from its regular program and some new children. In addition to the usual caring, warmth and advanced ECE development curriculum based on Montessori principles, the Summer Program features plenty of time outdoors, including educational field trips to fun parks, nature reserves and farms. Registration is now open for the 2016-2017 school year at jrcc.org/daycare or 416-736-0781.

Community BBQs to Launch Summer

Several JRCC Branches, including S. Richmond Hill & Maple, East Thornhill and South Thornhill, hosted community barbecues to begin the summer season, providing a casual setting for community residents to meet, connect, interact and enjoy an informal family experience.These types of events are a great way to get to know one another, and a great opportunity and the perfect environment in which to welcome new people to the community. The barbecues featured music, activities for kids, and, of course, great food on the grill. Thank you to all those who joined.