September 2013 News


Thousands attend High Holiday Services

Continuing in the tradition of past years, this year’s High Holiday services were exceptionally wellattended, with over 3,000 in attendance at several services in nine locations in the Toronto area, including Concord, Maple, four locations in Thornhill, and three in Toronto. Thank you to all those who purchased tickets, which helps with the organizing of the services and to offset the costs. And special thanks to all the JRCC staff and volunteers who helped make the experience meaningful and enjoyable for so many. 


A Sweet New Year, at Your Door

With the help of several volunteers, the JRCC East Thornhill was able to spread the sweetness and joy of the Jewish new year to 700 households in the neighbourhood. The packages, containing apples and honey and a card wishing a Happy New Year from the community, were well received and a fitting expression of the oneness of our people, a central theme of Rosh Hashana.
Special thanks to the volunteers who distributed the packages, and to Yummy Market for generously donating the apples.


Pre-Holiday Challah Baking

Dozens of Jewish women gathered in four JRCC branches to partake in the custom of baking Challah together before Rosh Hashana. In addition to the shared friendship, they learned how to make round challahs that are customary for Rosh Hashana, as well as other Rosh Hashana foods. In Jewish tradition, when a group of women gather together to prepare Challah, the gates of Heaven open up to receive their prayers. So imagine how open the gates were when four groups of women gather together at the same time! 


Daycare Summer Program

Sukkot is referred to in Judaism as "the time of our rejoicing," and hundreds of people of all ages participated in JRCC Sukkot family celebrations all week long. JRCC branches at Rockford, West Thornhill, East Thornhill, and S Richmond Hill & Maple all held family Sukkot parties featuring music, prizes, children’s entertainment, and holiday-themed crafts and activities that made the holiday spirit palpable. The entire family was also invited to engage in the sukkot experience by eating in the sukkah and shaking the lulav and etrog. Special events were also held for teens and seniors. In all, it is estimated that over 1,000 people participated in seven different events, not including the five adult events listed below.


Sukkot Community Events

In addition to the family parties, JRCC branches also hosted evenings specifically for adults to focus on their own spiritual growth and social activitie, and to experience the joy of Sukkot and “Simchat Beit HaShoeva” in the own way. The JRCC @ Rockford held its annual Sukkah Hop with an international theme - participants travelled from sukkah to sukkah and tasted foods from all over the world. The JRCC West Thornhill themed its event “Sushi and Saki in the Sukkah,” the JRCC East Thornhill held a party and farbrengen in honor of Rabbi Mendel’s birthday, which falls on Sukkot, and the JRCC S Richmond Hill & Maple hosted a “Spaghetti and Sangria in the Sukkah” evening.


Hebrew School off to a Great Start

The JRCC Hebrew School is off to a great start this year thanks to the preparation and hard work of its staff. Students have already learned about the significance of the holidays through interactive activities and art projects, and began using the acclaimed Aleph Champ system to learn to ready Hebrew. The JRCC Hebrew School offers a friendly and stimulating Sunday and/or after-school program at eight locations. Visit for a list of times and locations.