February 2013 News


This year’s JRCC Purim Banquet took on a French theme, complete with traditional Parisian cuisine, and a French-themed masquerade. The event took place at the Bais Yaakov Banquet Hall, but participants were transported to France as they enjoyed a sit-down dinner, and an evening of dancing and joy befitting a festive Purim feast. Over 400 people attended the unique Purim in Paris evening, including dozens of children who enjoyed their own special entertainment and activities.

Over 1,500 people participated in Community Purim parties at JRCC Branches, with hundreds more participating in special parties for seniors at several seniors residences.
The JRCC @ Rockford and JRCC West Thornhill each held their annual Purim festivals at their respective branch locations, featuring the Doo Doo the Clown, live music and various art projects and activities for kids.
The JRCC Thornhill Woods held an evening of Purim fun and entertainment at the North Thornhill Community Centre.
The JRCC East Thornhill organized a Purim event at the Yorkhill Public School featuring a Poodles and Doves Show and different booths with fun, Purim-related activities.
The JRCC S Richmond Hill held its Purim party at the Nellie McClung Public School, featuring Uncle Buck the Magician, a moonbounce, Purim sand art and other activities.
All the parties included Megillah readings and masquerades, delicious Purim refreshments, and gifts and prizes for the children.

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of staff and volunteers, close to 4,000 festive Purim “Mishloach Manot” gift packages were delivered to homes in the JRCC West Thornhill, East Thornhil and Rockford areas. The community participation in delivering the gifts, and the festive atmosphere and joy it spreads, made it an enjoyable and meaningful community activity.

You may have heard about the JRCC’s new creative and interactive cooking program for kids called Kiddie Chefs, which combines baking with arts & crafts in a fun-filled evening program. Children ages three to eight are invited to come with their parents to bake together and create beautiful crafts. For Purim, some special activities were added to the mix. At the JRCC S Richmond Hill Kids baked their own traditional Hamantoshen from scratch and fill them with their favorite flavored jelly, and also made Purim crafts. Children are much more engaged and open when they are involved with a satisfying and enjoyable activity that accompanies the learning. And it’s fun too!

A special farbrengen was held in honor of the birthday of Rabbi Yoseph Y. Zaltzman, the JRCC’s Senior Rabbi and founder. Rabbi Zaltzman spoke about the importance of one’s Jewish birthday and its connection to the soul and one’s purpose in life. In what has become an annual event at the Zaltzman home, Rabbi Zaltzman also shared wisdom gleaned from his years of learning and his 32 years of community service as an emissary of the Rebbe. It was an inspiring and uplifting evening, where participants were encouraged to visit the JRCC website to calculate their Hebrew birthday and learn how to observe it according to Jewish custom.