July 2013


Challah Baking at West Thornhill


Last month, women enjoyed a Challah baking evening at the JRCC West Thornhill, in honor of Rosh Chodesh Av. "Even though Av begins with a period of nine days of morning, and perhaps more so because of this, it is an auspicious time to gather together in unity," explains Nechama Dina Jacobson, who hosted the evening. By making space for each other and doing a communal mitzvah, we bring more joy and meaning into our lives and those of our neighbors. Some took the Challahs home with them to enjoy with their families, while others chose to deliver them the another family or individual, spreading the joy even further. 







Know Your Temple  

Dozens of people took a fascinating multimedia tour of the Holy Temple with Rabbi Levi Jacobson. The four-part course, called Know Your Temple, ran weekly from June 24 to July 16, featured a well-researched and informative course authored by Rabbi Jacobson himself, with the assistance of Exodus Magazine Editor Izzy Greenberg, that included a slideshow with illustrations of Temple, as well as photos of ruins and recent archeological discoveries. Through the course, part of the JRCC West Thornhill's Judaism 101 series, participants discovered the beauty, wonder and history of the Temple with an amazing virtual tour. Rabbi Jacobson also delivered the lecture via webinar to fellow Chabad rabbis around the world on the 9th of Av.


Light in the Darkness @ Rockford

Last month’s planned Rosh Chodesh party for women took an unexpected turn when severe flooding the GTA caused the lights
to go out at the JRCC @ Rockford. It was a fitting atmosphere, given that the new month being celebrated was the month of Av, a month that begins with darkness and mourning the destruction of the Temple. Participants discussed the Kabbalistic
meaning of the month of Av, learned about healthy nutrition, and enjoyed healthy desserts. 


Day care Summer Camp

The acclaimed JRCC Daycare, headed by the respected Montessori certified supervisor Mrs. Anya Kupinsky, is in the midst of its annual Summer Day Camp program. In addition to the diverse ECE learning program offered all year, the Summer Day Camp also features extensive field trips and outdoor summer activities. For more information and to register, visit jrccdaycare.org. 








High Holiday Tickets Available

High Holiday tickets are now available at the JRCC office. Rosh Hashana (Sept 4-6, 2013) and Yom Kippur (Sept 13-14, 2013) services will be held at nine locations in the GTA. All are welcome to join the services at any time, but seating is limited, so please reserve your seats as soon as possible by calling 416.222.7105, visiting www.jrcc.org/highholidays, or visiting the JRCC office (the office is open M-F 9am-6pm and Sunday 12-5pm). 


Community BBQ

The JRCC S Richmond Hill & Maple hosted a community barbecue last month at its new location at 9699 Bathurst Street,
north of Weldrick (across from the Lebovic Jewish Community Campus). The event brought together neighbors and friends for an afternoon of family fun. In addition to the great food and refreshments, children enjoyed special organized activities that allowed parents to relays and enjoy each other’s company. 


YEDI: The New Community-Based Startup Accelerator

Do you have an innovative idea for a small business or nonprofit organization? 

YEDInstitute - a new startup accelerator in Toronto & York Region - is now accepting applications for its September 2013 session. In partnership 

with the JRCC, the York Entrepreneurship Development Institute is launching a 12-week rigorous and free program based out of the Schulich Executive Education Centre at York University, where entrepreneurs can pursue training, top-tier education, and mentorship in order to refine their ideas and build successful businesses or efficient non-profit organizations. Upon completing the program, graduates will pitch their projects for a chance to receive up to $500,000 in venture funding. 

YEDInstitute is inspired by the Jewish values of communal responsibility and repairing the world, and believes that all businesses - be they for-profit or non-profit - are responsible to the communities in which they operate. YEDInstitute is committed to creating this positive social impact by ensuring that great ideas are not lost due to lack of knowledge during the startup process. The program will give community members an invaluable opportunity and the tools they need to achieve their ambitions.  

Some of the advantages of the YEDInstitute include:
* Formal Certificate from the Schulich School of Business
* Gain access to exclusive finance networks





* Based on community values

* Receive mentorship and guidance from top-tier professors

* Communications training


The YEDInstitute programis open to individuals of any age and background who are creative, ambitious, professionally - driven,and havean innovative idea for a company or non- profit in any industry. If you havean interesting venture that you feel could fill an important market need, or solve a social issue in the community, visit www.yedinstitute.org and apply today! Deadline for Fall 2013 is August12.