February 2012 News


One Shabbat One World

As part of the annual international “One Shabbat, One World” event, the JRCC branches, along with hundreds of other communities across the globe, hosted a Friday night Community Dinners on February 3. The events was part of the worldwide initiative to celebrate one Shabbat to unite the world, to bring the long awaited redemption for all mankind.

The theme this year was “Ingathering of the Exiles: The Ultimate in Jewish Unity”. This event is the perfect marriage of our traditions and our future: In addition to a complete traditional Shabbat experience, complete with meals, classes and discussions, the theme of “One Shabbat, One World” focuses on the future – what Judaism’s view of the future Messianic era is like, what we can do to hasten it, and how we can bring these ideals into our personal lives.

The Shabbat also marked the anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the predecessor of the Rebbe, the 10th of Shvat, as well as the day the Rebbe formally accepted the mantle of leadership one year later.

In all, over 350 people attended the engaging events to enjoy hot food, a warm atmosphere and fascinating discussions about the Messianic era and its significance in Jewish life.

To top it off, on Saturday night, 120 people came together at the JRCC West Thornhill for a community-wide Melaveh Malka celebration.


Rosh Chodesh Gatherings

Rosh Chodesh marks the beginning of the Jewish month, a unique holiday that is traditionally connected with Jewish women. Events provided women with the opportunity to get into the Rosh Chodesh spirit in their respective communities. Last month, the JRCC @ Rockford’s took its Rosh Chodesh gathering was an evening of ceramic painting. There was a great time had by all participants, an opportunity to express their creativity and have fun together, and also enjoy a a short talk about the spiritual significance of the month of Shevat.


Spa for the Body & Soul

On February 12, the JRCC West Thornhill presented an evening of relaxation, beauty, depth & spirituality for the Jewish woman in which participants had the opportunity to refresh, restore, and replenish their inner beauty. Guest speaker Rebetzin Goldie Plotkin of Chabad of Markham led the event, which also featured a variety of beauty and well being workshops, including manicure, massage, makeup application, wig care and more.


Tu Bishvat

The JRCC community celebrated the New Year for Trees with a series of programs and events exploring the meaning of nature and food, and their spiritual significance in our lives.

The JRCC @ Rockford held a tasting and learning session called “The Kabbala of Fruit,” in which participants enjoyed the sweet fruits of the Land of Israel, but aslo learned that there’s much more to fruit than just eating.

The JRCC West Thornhill hosted a unique program at the Bathurst Clark Public Library that focused on the beauty of knowing your family tree, featuring a multimedia presentation on how you can build your own family tree, with the Jewish Genealogical Society.

At the JRCC Thornhill Woods, participants experienced a traditional Tu Bishvat Seder, an ancient Kabbalistic ritual involving eating the special fruits of the Land of Israel and reciting special blessings and verses while discussing the inner significance of the each fruit and how it reflects human characteristics.

At the JRCC East Thornhill, Tu Bishvat was celebrated by enjoying various refreshments from a selection of fresh fruit, while enjoying words of wisdom about the contemporary relevance of the birthday of trees from Rabbi Mendel and Mrs. Chanie Zaltzman.


Sunday Hebrew School Moves

Last month, the JRCC Sunday Hebrew School program in Thornhill Woods moved its location to the Nellie McClung Public School at 360 Thomas Cook Avenue. The new spacious facility features the convenience of ample, easy access, and an improved facility.

Hebrew School hours will remain the same from 10am- 12:30pm. Chess Club schedule will be revised from 12:30pm to 1:15pm. If you have any questions, please Rachel Halperin at 647-284-6554.


Bat Miztvah Club Shabbaton

The JRCC @ Rockford Bat Mitzvah Club hosted a wonderful Shabbat experience for its participants. The girls, ages 11-13, spend an incredible 24 hours together, getting to one another, learning about Jewish tradition, sharing stories, experiencing Shabbat meals together, singing, and generally having a great time.