July 2012 News 

Nutrition Talk & Tasting
The JRCC of East Thornhill and the JRCC of S Richmond Hill & Maple co-hosted an evening dedicated to healthy cooking and eating, featuring registered nutritionist Mrs. Ora Stebben. Participants gained valuable and practical tips for healthy cooking and eating, and got to sample various nutritious sides and salads, and took some recipes home with them.

Journey to Jerusalem
Dozens of people took a fascinating multimedia tour of the Holy Temple with Rabbi Levi Jacobson. The four-part course, called Know Out Temple, ran weekly from July 8 to July 29, featured a well-researched and informative presentation that included a slideshow with illustrations of Temple, as well as photos of ruins and recent archeological discoveries. Through the course, part of the JRCC West Thornhill’s Judaism 101 series, participants discovered the beauty, wonder and history of the Temple with an amazing virtual tour. 

Kiddie Chefs + Kotel Art
It was both a celebration and a mourning of our history at the JRCC East Thornhill and the JRCC of S Richmond Hill & Maple. During the “three weeks,” when we mourn the destruction of the Temple, children gathered for the Kiddie Chefts culinary program, but with a twist: They also created original artistic masterpieces of the Kotel, or Western Wall. It was a hands-on event that allowed kids to creatively express their feeling in commemoration of the Temple. About two dozen children joined the program in each location, which also featured discussions about the significance of Israel, Jerusalem and the Temple. 

JRCC Opens New Hebrew School Location

The JRCC has opened a new branch of its acclaimed Hebrew school program at the Nellie McClung Public School (360 Thomas Cook Ave.) headed by Mrs. Sarale Zaltzman of the JRCC S Richmond Hill & Maple. The opening of the new location is part of the JRCC’s vision of serving each and every Jewish individual and family from the FSU with a local branch in their neighborhood, and is meant to serve the needs of residents in Richmond Hill and Maple. Currently, session will run on Sundays from 10:00am to 12:30pm, followed by a chess club from 12:30-1:15.
The JRCC Hebrew Schools provide a Jewish environment within the child’s own neighborhood, with his/her own friends, and is a convenient afterschool activity for the parents. The JRCC Hebrew School currently operates at various times and days
of the week in six locations in West Thornhill, East Thornhill, Thornhill Woods and North York, and now S Richmond Hill & Maple.
The opportunity to learn what it means to be Jewish through engaging in Jewish history, Hebrew language, and becoming familiar with Jewish holidays and other observances, solidifies the Jewish identity in the child’s mind. The acclaimed Aleph Champ program creates an individualized program of study that
enables each student to progress in his/her Hebrew Reading skills by graduating to different levels using various colored “belt” levels like in Karate. The program is focused on education through hands-on experience and fun, where Judaism comes to life with a variety of creative art projects, educational games and interactive seminars. The children become a conduit of Jewish information for their families, and a source of Jewish pride for their parents and grandparents.

To give your child the gift of Jewish education, and to give yourself the gift of Jewish naches, contact the JRCC Hebrew School at 416.222.7105 x225

or visit www.jrcc.org/hebrewschool.

Registration is now open for September 2012, and a limited number of scholarships are available.