January 2012 News


Rosh Chodesh Parties for Women

Last month, three different Rosh Chodesh parties were held for women in various neighborhoods. The JRCC @ Rockford and the JRCC Thornhill Woods held their monthly Rosh Chodesh gatherings, supplying participants with refreshments, refreshing ideas and good company. The JRCC S Richmond Hill and East Thornhill hosted a joint party that was a harmonious mind and body experience. In addition to the words of wisdom and inspiration that were shared, the event featuring Yoga with Kinneret and a fruit yogurt parfait bar.


Study This!

The JRCC’s Institute of Jewish Studies offers featured lectures and courses on a variety of topics whose common goal is enhance our ability to live more focused and meaningful lives.  Rabbi Yisroel Kaprilovsky of the JRCC @ Rockford delivered a tantalizing lecture on the stories in the Torah that seem scandalous at first glance, providing background information that casts these episodes and our understanding of Judaism in a new light. Rabbi Levi Jacobson began a further installment of his popular Judaism 101 crash courses, with the first of a four-part series on the Jewish calendar, examining the cycle of the Jewish year. Rabbi Chaim Hildeshaim taught a two-part course entitled “Finding Your Way to Good Decisions” based on Talmudic ethics and principles.


Kabbalah & Crepes

Your soul likes crepes, especially when they are accompanied with mystical Jewish insights. The JRCC S Richmond Hill held a sampler of its weekly Tanya class for women that turned into an interactive discussion on how the nature of the human psyche and the concept of integration. And after all the kabbalistic head-shrinking, everyone got make and fill their own crepes.


What Do You Know?

The latest Jewish Trivia Night season at the JRCC @ Rockford began last month and drew its usual boisterous crowd of trivia buffs and curious onlookers. Participants were divided into teams that faced off in the best tradition of Russian competitive trivia.