JRCC Community Synagogues

The JRCC Community Synagogues offer inspirational services weekly (and daily at the Rockford Road Synagogue). Every Friday night, welcome the Shabbat queen with song and prayer. Saturday morning there is a class on different subjects in Jewish Mysticism and prayers, which are followed by our famous Kiddush.  This is a time to meet new people from our community, say L’chayim, catch up with old friends and engage in great discussion. We meet again at the end of Shabbat, where we pray the afternoon service and bid farewell to the lovely Shabbat spirit.  The services and discussions are lead by our various community rabbis.  To make this a complete family experience we offer a fun packed, educational children’s program.

You are invited to drop in for one service or for all of them, once a week or every week.  Regardless, we would really like to see you.  You see, J_daism is just not the same without U.

To find out more about our upcoming exciting events and programs or for general information about your local JRCC Community Synagogue, click on the links for the various locations, or call our office at 416.222.7105.

We look forward to greeting you soon.