Many people have misconceptions about going to synagogues. They think it’s a stuffy and boring experience, something reserved for the “religious types.” As far as the JRCC’s synagogue services are concerned, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Our goal,” explains Avrohom Zaltzman of the JRCC S Richmond Hill branch, “is to make Judaism and to make the synagogue experience energized and personal.”

In addition to the spiritual experience people expect of a synagogue environment, the JRCC’s synagogue services offer a warmth and acceptance that makes everyone feel at home – because that is primarily what a synagogue is supposed to be: a second home. This kind of atmosphere encourages social interaction, and time is made for participants to spend quality time getting to know each other, especially during the Kiddush that typically follows services in Shabbat and festivals.

The guided services, as well as the classes, lectures and discussion that often follow (and sometimes precede) the services, add depth and meaning to the experience, giving those in attendance some food for thought and something to meditate upon during the services, as well as some concrete ideas to take home with them.

On Shabbat and holidays, the family experience is enhanced with a separate children’s program. Parents and other adults are able to concentrate on their prayers and meditation without having to entertain the children, while the kids enjoy a fun-filled program that is geared towards their needs.

Recognizing that each neighborhood is unique, the JRCC strives to offer separate synagogue services for each of its branches, as well as other locations in the Toronto area. If you feel there is a need to synagogue services in your neighborhood and you would like to get involved, please contact us.

Plans are always in the works to bring synagogue services to other areas as well.