Like every year for the last thirty plus years, the JRCC hosted a Chanukah Public Menorah Lighting at Mel Lastman Square, where a giant Menorah is lit on the first night of Chanukah. In addition to the JRCC rabbis, staff and community leaders who attended, several local dignitaries offered their greeting, and the event included a concert and children’s entertainment. There were also local Menorah Lighting events in Woodbridge and North York, and several JRCC Branches hosted Chanukah events for adults and for children in their neighborhoods complete with a menorah lighting and free refreshments including Chanukah staples like latkes, donuts and chocolate coins, as well as popcorn and cotton candy. Notably, there was a large event at the Promenade Mall on December 5 hosted by the three JRCC branches in Thornhill (West Thornhill, East Thornhill and South Thornhill) that attracted a large contingency of Thornhill residents.


Hundreds of families participates in a socially distanced Chanukah Wonderland program on Sunday, November 28. Usually, Chanukah Wonderland is a grand carnival that draws thousands of visitors. This year, a unique program was devised where the joy of Chanukah was brought to people’s homes in the form of a box filled with supplies for activities, Chanukah candles, treats and other Chanukah goodies. The virtual live-streamed program began with a Build Your Own Menorah master-class, followed by an entertainment show and a series of interactive workshops. Parents and children loved the interactive, hands-on aspect of the program, and the combination of the virtual format with the delivered materials.


The Chabad festive day of the 5th of Tevet (a.k.a., Hei Tevet), which celebrates the day the US Federal Court ruled in favor of Chabad regarding ownership of a priceless library of Chassidic manuscripts. Learn more at jrcc. org/5tevet. To celebrate the occasion, the a farbrengen gathering was held in the new location of JRCC of Willdowdale & the City. The JRCC Bookstore also marked the say with its annual 5 Tevet Book Sale, offering 10% off its entire inventory containing the best selection of Jewish Russian books in North America, plus many great English and Hebrew books. Learn more at


The first of hopefully many Shabbat Dinners for Young Professionals was held at the JRCC East Thornhill on the Shabbat of Chanukah, December 3, organized by Dovid and Yehudis Faynberg. It was an evening full of meaningful interactions, singing, and words of wisdom, including an engaging talk by Dovid Faynberg. In addition to regular Shabbat Dinners, which provide and meaningful activity boost to young people in the community, the JRCC East Thornhill hopes the group will evolve into a hub that serves their spiritual and social needs to young people of all backgrounds, providing them with personal, engaging opportunities to network with one another, connect with their heritage and foster their Jewish journey. To join the next Shabbat Dinner and find out about more events for Young Professionals, call Dovid at 416-222-71-05, ext. 245.