lightup.jpgLast month, the JRCC Women’s circle hosted a “Spa for the Body & Soul” virtual event, an evening of relaxation, beauty, health and spirituality. The session, which was streamed via Zoom, featured a talk by Mrs. Sarah Dubov of Chabad on Wimbledon, UK, titled “Women’s Faith: Then and Now.” There were also a series of health and beauty workshops led by various top professionals in the areas of color harmony, makeup and skincare, mindfulness and exercise. Women who registered in advance also received a “swag bag” with pampering gifts. For more about the JRCC Women’s Circle and upcoming events visit


lightup.jpg This past 30 Shevat (February 11, 2021) marked the 65th birthday of Rabbi Yoseph Y. Zaltzman, and the 40th anniversary of his work on behalf of Russian Jewry in the GTA. To celebrate, the JRCC hosted an international farbrengen gathering via Zoom. Joining interactive event, which was held in Russian, were leading Russian-speaking rabbis and community leaders from Israel and Ukraine, as well as a live performance by Israeli singer Shlomo Nizin. Participants were left inspired by the stories and insights shared, and especially by Rabbi Zaltzman’s attitude that, rather than resting on our laurels basking in the glow of our achievements, it’s time to begin working on the next forty years!


As this issue of Exodus goes to print, it seems this Purim will be, well, a little different given the current COVID circumstances. As a community, we planned to do our best to serve Purim needs and provide opportunities to experience the joy of the festival despite the restrictions. Firstly, the team at Exodus put together a fantastic, user-friendly Purim guide so it would be easier than ever to understand the holiday’s observances and customs. The JRCC put plans in place to help facilitate the performance of the four central mitzvahs of Purim – Megillah, Mishloach Manot food gits, charity for the poor and the Purim Feast – as simply as possible for everyone. The JRCC team worked diligently in arranging Megillah readings around-the-clock in locations throughout the GTA and an advance registration system so that small groups could rotate through the venues and hear the Megillah. The JRCC branches each hosted small, hand-on children’s events and workshops in the week preceding Purim, with a virtual Purim Wonderland program that included a variety of interactive sessions and a full supply kit delivered to the door of each registered participant. There was even a virtual “live” concert on the night of Purim. Check out the full report and photos at