Gimmel Tammuz, the third day of the month of Tammuz (Sunday, June 13, 2021) marked the 27th yahrzeit of the Rebbe. It is a special day that is auspicious for connecting to the Rebbe’s Torah teachings and life’s work, and drawing them into our lives. In lieu of the JRCC’s annual community “Journey to the Rebbe” trip to New York, a global Virtual Trip to the Rebbe was organized. The JRCC local virtual community event was combined with a larger international event taking place simultaneously. The theme was “Lessons of resilience and self empowerment from the life and teachings of the Rebbe,” a thought-provoking and empowering journey into the Rebbe’s optimistic worldview. It was an opportunity to bring the light and warmth of the Rebbe in our lives, with all the wisdom and blessings that comes with it. We tuned in together to hear from renowned guest speakers from around the world and enjoyed the fine work of internationally acclaimed musicians Izhak Perlman and Shalom

The JRCC will soon begin sending out gift packages in honor of Bar Mitzvahs and Bat Mitzvahs in our community. The packages will include engaging literature explaining the significance of Bar/ Bar Mitzvah, together with a selection of related Judaica items. If you have an upcoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah in your family, please share it with us so we can send a gift package. The project, which we hope to launch in the coming weeks, is part of the JRCC’s efforts to make every person feel connected to their community and their heritage. Similar gift packages are already in place for other lifecycle events such as births, weddings, and bereavement, and additional programs are in development. For more information or to register, contact our Program Director Dovid Faynberg at 416-222-7105 ext. 245 [email protected]

The JRCC is seeking volunteers throughout the Greater Toronto Area to distribute our holiday packages and Birthday cakes. Currently, there is a need for the upcoming High Holidays. Through it’s JRCC Connect project, JRCC volunteers distribute thousands of packages for Jewish holidays and birthday cakes for people’s Jewish birthdays. This past Passover, over 12,000 homes received packages containing handmade Shmura matzah. The inspiration behind this volunteer-based initiative is the Rebbe’s vision that, “each individual has the capacity to build communities and endow communities with life... So that every community member becomes a source of inspiration.” Each and every individual has the ability, and therefore the responsibility, to take an active part in making life better for others in their community. You can do your part by volunteering to deliver in your neighborhood. For more information or to register, contact 416-222-7105 x291 or email [email protected].

The Jewish way of life is a revolutionary force that transforms ordinary lives into lives of meaning. Judaism teaches lessons that the world urgently needs to learn, but often the observance of Jewish practices also costs money, and cost can often be an obstacle to furthering ones commitment and connection to Judaism. In order to help mitigate this obstacle, the JRCC offers several Jewish Identity Grants for things like Tefilllin, Mezuzah, Koshering one’s home, and Jewish Yeshiva scholarships, seeking to grow Jewishly, and are met with a financial barrier. Any Jewish resident of Ontario whose family comes from the FSU can apply to the JRCC for the following grants to enhance their Jewish identity by speaking with one of our rabbis and completing the appropriate application form at jrcc.org/grants.