The Fortieth Year Begins

Rabbi Yoseph and Chiena Zaltzman hosted a farbrengen gathering in their home in Thornhill to commemorate 39 years since they began their work serving the Jewish Russian community as the Rebbe’s emissaries to Ontario. As they begin their fortieth year (!) in the service of the community, Rabbi Zaltzman expressed appreciation to all those who are active in the community, all the people who have touched his life over the years, and gratitude for the humbling privilege of serving as the Rebbe’s emissary. The event also coincided with the Chabad festive day of the 5th of Tevet (a.k.a., Hei Tevet), which celebrates the day the US Federal Court ruled in favor of Chabad regarding ownership of a priceless library of Chassidic manuscripts.

Women’s Circle Events

The JRCC Women’s Circle organized two original events last month. On January 26, the JRCC East Thornhill hosted an evening of relaxation, beauty, health and spirituality called “Spa for the Soul.” Participants were inspired with a talk by international lecturer and counselor Mrs. Chana Carlebach, as well as a series of workshops with local health and beauty practitioners: “Upgrade your energy: Optimize your nutrition” with Rebecca Karlin, Naturopathic Doctor; “Learn how to ‘get sparked’” with Shaindy Nacoson, Shainsparks makeup artist; and “Strategies for healthy living "cultivating mindfulness" with Leah Rochel Weisberg, RN BSCN NC-BC. In addition, the women enjoyed soups, salads and smoothies, and were treated to various spa treatments.

The JRCC S. Richmond Hill & Maple hosted a Parenting Workshop for women on January 27 with Sarah Goldwasser, parenting coach. Participants gained wisdom for self-transformation within the context of family life, and enjoyed a hot pretzel station.

An Evening for Couples

The JRCC West Thornhill hosted an evening for couples titled “Home Upgrade.” The evening was an opportunity to pause and reflect on our priorities in life, to take a break from the fast-paced, high-pressure world we live in to discuss how we can maintain and improve family life.

Coming Soon: Jewish Women Through The Ages

Later this month, the JRCC will host a spectacular evening for women, a multimedia fashion show with the theme of “Jewish Women Through the Ages.” Preparations are underway, including rehearsals, planning and logistics, for what promises to be an unforgettable and inspiring portrayal of trailblazing Jewish women from Biblical times to the present. The event will take place at the BAYT on February 25. Reservations are available at or by calling 416.222.7105.