March 2014 News

Purim Under the Sea

3 rabbis under sea.jpgOn Sunday, March 16, about 700 people went under waters annual Purim Banquet, billed as Purim Under the Sea.s Holiday Programs Coordinator, who organized the event, and to GSR Photography for the great pictures, which can be viewed here.

Purim Parties

Over 1,500 people participated in Community Purim parties at JRCC Branches, with hundreds more participating in special parties for seniors at several seniors residences.

The JRCC @ Rockford held its annual Purim festival, featuring a spectacular magic show, live music and various art projects and activities for kids. The JRCC West Thornhill held a family party featuring Hiccup the Clown and other entertainment and great food in a festive atmosphere. The JRCC East Thornhill organized a Purim event at the Yorkhill Public

School featuring a fascinating and unique Bubbleology Show and different booths with fun, Purim-related activities. The JRCC S Richmond Hill held its Purim party at the Nellie McClung Public School, featuring Doo Doo the Clown, Purim art and crafts, and other activities. The JRCC Thornhill Woods Affiliate held a Purim party at the North Thornhill Community Centre. All the parties included Megillah readings and masquerades, delicious Purim refreshments, and gifts and prizes for the children.

Mishloach Manot Distribution



Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of staff and volunteers, close to 3,000 festive Purim “Mishloach Manot” gift packages were delivered to homes in the JRCC West Thornhill and East Thornhil areas. The community participation in delivering the gifts, and the festive atmosphere and joy it spreads, made it an enjoyable and meaningful community activity.

Kiddie Chefs, Purim Edition

Children ages three to eight were invited to come with their parents to bake together and create beautiful crafts. For Purim, some special activities were added to the mix. At the JRCC East Thornhill participants made their own aprons, baked hamantashen from scratch, and made their own Purim graggers (noisemakers).

 Got Masks?

The JRCC @ Rockford hosted a unique and creative pre-Purim event for its monthly Rosh Chodesh gathering. The evening, led by Mrs. Yelena Ostriker, featured a discussion about the different types of masks we wear, in the psychological sense. And, sharing her expertise as a esthetician using natural products, Yelena also spoke about natural skin care, and participants made their own facial masks, scrubs, cleansers and perfumes.

 Kids Chess Tournament

The JRCC @ Rockford Kids Club recently held a Grand Chess Tournament, where the students of Arkadi, Roman, and Svetlana Golts gathered together, played and competed against one other. Each of the 50 participants received a trophy, fine tuned their skills, made new friends, and enjoyed themselves. The Kids Club is the place where children can spend their Sunday mornings learning and having fun with a variety of different classes, including Hebrew, chess, art, and sewing, followed by a delicious lunch.