May 2011 News



Over 3,000 people from across the city attended a Sunday afternoon Lag BaOmer Fair at Earl Bales Park on May 20, marking a special day on the Jewish calendar with a very special gathering focused on children and children’s education.

The massive event, sponsored by the Chabad organizations of the GTA, including the JRCC, brought together all kinds of Jews from across the city for a fun-filled day. The festivities began with a children’s rally in the amphitheatre, which included presentations by students from schools around city, as well as awe-inspiring stunt bike and martial performances.

The performances were followed by a parade in support of Jewish education, with students from many city schools marching in unison around the park and up Bathurst Street. The rest of the afternoon was spent playing carnival games, riding amusement rides, and enjoying the barbecue and music. As evening approached, a traditional Lag BaOmer bonfire was lit for people to gather around.

"It’s always inspiring when so many members of our community get together," expressed Rabbi Yoseph Y. Zaltzman, Senior Rabbi of the JRCC. "The camaraderie built by such city-wide events transcends all boundaries, and demonstrates that despite our differences we are one nation. And that it what Lag BaOmer and the teachings of the Rashbi [Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, whose yahrzeit is marked on this day] are all about."


Lag Baomer festivities continued into the night at Earl Bales Park with a bonfire and BBQ for students and young adults, organized by the JRCC’s Gen J, in association with other local student organizations. The party featured live music and words of inspiration.


The JRCC S Richmond hill’s new creative cooking program for kids called Kiddie Chefs combines Challah Baking and arts & crafts in a fun-filled evening program. Last month, in addition to baking traditional braided challahs, participants made their own kiddush cups and candlesticks, and also baked some sweet rugelach. It’s a creative and educational feast for the mind, heart and stomach.