January 2011 News 

Third Annual JRCC Winter Camp
Twenty-eight boys ages 11-15 from across Ontario participated in the JRCC’s Winter Adventure Camp in the Laurentian Mountains. The boys enjoyed a variety of fun and winter outdoor activities including skiing, ice climbing and snow tubing. In addition to the outstanding schedule of activities, campers had the opportunity to spend time getting to know other Jewish boys their age from similar backgrounds. “The camp really inspired me to live a more Jewish life,” expressed Jacob on the bus ride home. “And it also incorporated so many fun activities at the same time. “ For more info about the JRCC camp and other youth programs contact Zalman Shuchat of the JRCC @ Rockford: 416-222-7105 x238 or www.jrcc.org/camp.

Rosh Chodesh Gatherings
  Rosh Chodesh marks the beginning of the Jewish month, a unique holiday that is traditionally connected with Jewish women. Three separate events provided women with the opportunity to get into the Rosh Chodesh spirit in their respective communities.
  The JRCC @ Rockford, West Thornhill and East Thornhill combined for an enjoyable evening of exotic cooking, with demos from experts in Russian, Morrocan and Bucharian cuisine. Participants were able to observe the cooking demonstrations and taste the dishes, and take their favorite recipes home with them.  Photos
  The JRCC S Richmond Hill hosted a Dance & Smoothies evening, a celebration of the month of Shvat (the month containing Tu Bishvat, the New Year for Trees) by learning about its meaning for us and concocting custom smoothies. It was a refreshing mid-winter experience. Participants were also treated to a “feet-on” dance session lead by an experienced professional dance instructor that was enjoyed by all.
  The JRCC Thornhill Woods hosted an evening of Jewelry making and a video presentation about the Rebbiztin Chaya Mushka, the wife of the Rebbe, whose Yartzeit occurs later this month.
  For more information about Rosh Chodesh gatherings and other programs for women, visit www.jrcc.org or call 416.222.7105.

 One Shabbat One World
  As part of the annual international “One Shabbat, One World” event, the JRCC branches, along with hundreds of other communities across the globe, hosted Friday night Shabbat dinners on January 14. This event is the perfect marriage of our traditions and our future: In addition to a complete traditional Shabbat experience, complete with meals, classes and discussions, the theme of “One Shabbat, One World” focuses on the future – what Judaism’s view of the future Messianic era is like, what we can do to hasten it, and how we can bring these ideals into our personal lives.
  In all, over 350 people attended the engaging events to enjoy hot food, a warm atmosphere and fascinating discussions about the Messianic era and its significance in Jewish life.
  On Saturday night, at least 150 people came together at the Bernard Bettel Centre for a community-wide Melaveh Malka celebration, featuring guest speaker Rabbi Haschel Greenberg, who gave an inspiring talk on the unique leadership of the Rebbe and how he inspires others to uncover the leader within themselves. 

Tu Bishvat
  The JRCC community celebrated the New Year for Trees with a series of programs and events exploring the meaning of nature and food, and their spiritual significance in our lives. The JRCC @ Rockford held a tasting and learning session called “The Kabbala of Fruit,” in which participants enjoyed the sweet fruits of the Land of Israel, but aslo learned that there’s much more to fruit than just eating.
  At the JRCC Thornhill Woods, participants experienced a date with their souls as they engaged in an exploration of the inner significance of the date and how it shares several human attributes. The event also featured an exotic fruit tasting and chocolate fountain.
  The JRCC West Thornhill hosted a casual evening of fruit tasting, socializing and meaningful discussion under the topic of “Food for Thought,” while the JRCC East Thornhill held a creative fruit carving evening for women. Photos
  In addition, the ongoing Challah Braiders events at the JRCC S Richmond Hill and Thornhill Woods were held on Tu Bishvat, and featured special Tu Bishvat themed crafts and activities.
For more information on JRCC branches, visit www.jrcc.org.

What Do You Know?
The season Jewish Trivia Night at the JRCC @ Rockford last month drew its usual boisterous crowd of trivia buffs and curious onlookers. Participants were divided into teams that faced off in the best tradition of Russian competitive trivia. To find out about the next Trivia Night, get on the mailing list by visiting www.jrcc.org/rockford or call 416.222.7105 x 235.