About our commited work!

  Women are the barometers of existence. At the exodus from Egypt, at the flourishing of Jewish scholarship in the time of the Second Temple, at the nexus of the Jewish spiritual renaissance in Eastern Europe under the most unlikely conditions, women played indispensable roles in instigating the revolutions that shaped our people. When our women are powerful and inspired, we can expect that an era of warmth and inspired living is on the horizon. In this way, the health and destiny of any culture or social milieu – and the Jewish home – is intimately tied to the way it views and treats its women.

 This truth is something that Judaism has always embraced, and the JRCC provides events and forums that encourage women to explore Jewish life and spirituality in their unique way, giving them the opportunity to bring light into their lives, and thereby shine it to their families and community.

 Each month, women gather for the monthly Rosh Chodesh Gathering at the JRCC main office, a diverse variety of events featuring different guest speakers and activities. Other regularly schedules events include communal Challah Baking sessions, which are traditionally seen as a good omen that brings health and goodness to the community. Pre-holiday programs, such as the pre-Passover cooking demonstration, provide both practical guidance and spiritual inspiration that infuses the upcoming holiday with deeper meaning.

 In addition, several major events throughout the year also focus on the Jewish woman. This past year saw a new event called Brides Through the Ages, an uplifting evening celebrating the inspiring lives of Jewish women throughout the ages, from Biblical to modern times, that drew 250 women. The annual Women League’s Call of the Shofar event, which draws over 300 men and women each year, featured an acclaimed keynote speaker that provides insight and inspiration leading up to the High Holidays, as well as a musical performance. Another new event held last year was the Taste of Shabbat, a Shabbat-themed evening of inspiration and creativity, featuring a inspirational stories and insights by Helen Schwimmer, who also demonstrated some hands-on culinary delights. The annual Spa for the Soul, exploring the parallels between the physical and the spiritual, and how women can become empowered through thought, speech and action. The participants also enjoy manicures, make up, and getting their hair done, along with a light dinner, refreshments and a pleasant evening together.

 The JRCC is committed to continuing and expanding its program offerings for women. For more information, or if you have any ideas for future programs or are interested in helping organize future events, please contact us