Hundreds of people of all ages participated in dozens of events and celebrations during the week-long Sukkot festival, referred to in Judaism as "the time of our rejoicing.” JRCC Branches hosted several events, parties for children, as well as special events for adults. The children’s Sukkot events featured music, prizes, children’s entertainment, and holiday-themed crafts and activities that made the holiday spirit palpable – including, of course, eating in the Sukkah and shaking the lulav and etrog. In addition to the family parties, JRCC branches also hosted evenings specifically for adults to focus on their own spiritual growth and social activities, and to experience the joy of Sukkot and “Simchat Beit HaShoeva” in their own way. Some of the Sukkot-themed events included Sushi Under the Stars, Soup in the Sukkah, Scotch & Steak in the Sukkah and a Sukkah Hop where people travel as a group from sukkah to sukkah in the neighborhood. Special events were also held for teens and seniors. See picture gallery on page 16.


On September 30, over 100 people attended the first monthly Shabbat Dinner of the new year for Jewish young Professionals at the JRCC East Thornhill. The evening featured a gourmet dinner and entertainment, and an inspiring address by Edward Kholodenko, the CEO and President of Questrade. Space was limited and the event was quickly booked to capacity. After an enjoyable and uplifting evening of connecting to our Jewish heritage and to one another, everyone is looking forward to the next event. For more information and upcoming events, please contact Dovid Faynberg, the organizer of the Young Professionals programs at 416-222-7105 x245 or [email protected]