·        Writing and reading program

  • This program focuses on training children to read and write by using a variety of resources such as activity guides, work books, etc.

  • This program is designed to help your child achieve language development, comprehension and logical skills.

·        Computer program

  • This program is implemented at the Preschool and Kindergarten level in our centre.

  • Children have the opportunity to explore the computer, learn how to use all of a variety of educational games and activities that are programmed into each computer.

·        Music and Creative Movement Programs

  • This program is specifically designed by our professional Music teacher and implemented weekly for each age group of children.


  • Children are introduced to rhythm, beat, tempo and variety of musical styles and genres with opportunities to sing, dance and “move” creatively.


  • Your child will also have the opportunity to learn about and play a variety of musical instruments.

  • Our program not only promotes musical awareness but instills listening skills and cooperation.

·        Art program

  • This program builds learning readiness skills while making wonderful art and exploring textures, colors, shapes, felling fantasy.

  • Our children receive basic knowledge about world famous artists and different techniques of art.

·        Math and Science program

  • Science and math are a fun way for children to learn basic logical, mathematical and science concepts through every day activities and special events ( “Mad Science”, trips to Science Centre);

·        French and Hebrew program

  • By adding to our program French and Hebrew languages we hope to enrich child’s learning abilities.
  • This program gives basic knowledge in French and Hebrew and helps to make the world around the child brighter and bigger.
  • Children learn letters, numbers, shapes, different finger plays, songs and poems in French and Hebrew.

·        Enriched summer camp program

  • Full time summer day camp
  • Dynamic program that include field trips, special entertainment events, various sports activities and nutritious hot lunches and snacks.