Annual JRCC Branch Membership Drive

We Are All Members

Like most Chabad organizations around the world, the JRCC Branches do not distinguish between members and non-members. We are all members of the Jewish nation. We believe that everyone has an equal part in the community, and we want everyone to be involved, whether they can afford to pay for the service or not, whether they want to pay or not.

This sense of community responsibility predicated upon Torah is part and parcel of the oneness and strength of our people.

At the same time, the strength of our people as a whole comes from the fact that we have strong individuals who are members of strong families that are part of strong communities. Building these solid communities, and providing the programs and services to meet the needs of the individuals and families within, requires a tremendous amount of resources.

The JRCC Branches operate in a fiscally responsible manner, organizing a variety of fundraising initiatives and requesting payment from program participants whenever possible. Another one of the ways that costs are offset is by voluntary Membership contributions from people like you. We don’t distinguish between members and non-members; everyone will always be equally welcome at the JRCC branches.

So while we are committed to serving the needs of every individual, regardless of their desire or ability to contribute toward the costs of building, maintaining and growing our community, we also ask every family to make a tax-deductible contribution to help alleviate a share of the JRCC’s financial burden – an investment toward making our community blossom. (Please note: this is Branch membership, not membership in the corporation).  

The benefits of being a JRCC Branch Member are beyond measure. Yes, you will receive two complimentary High Holiday tickets. But more than that, by being a voluntary JRCC Branch Member, you become a partner in the JRCC activities in your community. When you pass your local branch, hear of the good work of the JRCC, or read a report in the local newspapers, you will take pride in knowing that your contribution played a significant part in making it happen. By doing so, you will be strengthening our community, the individuals and families that live here, and our nation as a whole.

To become a JRCC Branch Member, please call 416.222.7105 or click here for the branch membership form.