Pizza in the Hut - a CYP Sukkot Experience

Pizza in the Hut - a CYP Sukkot Experience
Pizza. A food enjoyed by Jews (and maybe Italians) the world around.

Sukkot. An iconic holiday centered around uniting Jews under the roof of the Sukkah, the age old Jewish hut permeated with spiritual warmth.

If you do the math, Pizza + Sukkah = Pizza Hut!

No, silly, of course we're not going to Pizza Hut! But, we will be handcrafting our own pizza creations in the Sukkah!

Join CYP Rockford for an evening that will be as tasty as it is fun.

- Make your own custom pizza pie with CYP's in-house pizza chef Daniel Banyaminov
- Enjoy an open bar to wash down that scrumptious doughy creation of yours
- Soak up those spiritually powerful Sukkah vibes together with your favorite people

Advance ticket price (Until Oct. 6): $18
Regular Price: $25
Day of price: $ 35
Please select the number of reservations you'd like to make:
Pizza in the Hut - a CYP Sukkot Experience   Oct 13, 2022
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