During the course of the week leading up to Purim, the JRCC and its branches hosted Events for children and teens. Some highlights include Hamentash Bake-Off events hosted at the JRCC East Thornhill, South Thornhill, S. Richmond Hill and Concord, a Purim Masquerade Show at the JRCC West Thornhill, and Purim related celebrations at the JRCC Hebrew Schools, the JRCC Preschool and Daycare and Teen Clubs.

This year, after a long hiatus, Purim was finally back to being mostly in-person. On Wednesday evening, March 16, the all JRCC branches hosted Purim Celebrations featuring Megillah readings, entertainment and fun for the whole family in eight locations in the GTA. For those who preferred to celebrate at home with their families, the JRCC also organized a Purim Wonderland Virtual Program via Zoom. In addition to the live online entertainment and interactive activities, participants who registered in advance received a package delivered that included supplies for crafts and other Purim fun.

The JRCC community came together to show support for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine. Efforts include a fundraising campaign that raised tens of thousands of dollars within a few days to finance a truckload of food and relief supplies that was sent to Kharakov. An evening of solidarity and prayer was also held, led by JRCC and community rabbis, as well as former Ontario Senator Jerry Grafstein. The evening featured prayers in the form of Psalms, words of Torah inspiration, the priestly blessing, resolutions for good deeds and charity, and concluded with a soulful song and prayer. In addition, the JRCC Social Services department is mobilizing to prepare for the influx of Ukrainian Jewish immigrants that will be arriving here. Stay tuned to fund out how you can help. Donations can be made at www.jrcc.org/Ukraine.