For many people, their Bar Mitzvah experience is just a memory — a small, relatively insignificant step on the road to adulthood — with nothing of much significance carrying over into their adult lives .

The JRCC’s Bar Mitzvah Club's aim to give children the opportunity to experience the full spectrum of this important  milestone in their life. With a full  year program, Jewish young men are introduced to Jewish life and practice through an exciting club which they will not forget!

It is 2023..
We are well aware to the needs of young teenage boys in our times.. We put great emphasis on creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at the BMC. The lessons are accompanied with visual and hands-on learning tools, we conduct extra curricular outings and trips and a special Shabbaton sleep-over for Bar Mitzva Club boys from around the City!

A life-long effect
"The importance of such a program for today’s youth cannot be overstated,” explains Rabbi Avrohom Zaltzmanwho heads the JRCC of S. Richmond Hill & Maple and has taught 100's of boys for their Bar MItzva thourhgout the last decade. “young people are inundated with ideas from television and the internet that seek to define their identity and values. A proper Bar  Mitzvah program shows adolescents how to develop a Jewish identity that is meaningful and relevant to their lives”. 

It’s not just about a ceremony and a photo opportunity. A Bar Mitzvah is an auspicious time in the life of a young man  to really learn and grow Jewishlyto absorb the significance and values of what it means to be Jewish so that it can be carried over into their adult lives, their future families, and passed to the next generation. In fact, one of the fundamental goals of the JRCC’s Bar Mitzvah Club's is to stem the tide of assimilation in our community by educating our youth and providing them with a forum through which they can meet one another.

Who and What
• The Bar Mitzvah Club's are open to all, regardless of whether or not you will be celebrating your Bar Mitzvah at a JRCC synagogue.
• The Bar Mitzvah Club's offer both group settings and private one-on-one tutoring to prepare for reading the Torah and donning tefillin.
• Your son will also learn in BMC how to don Tefillin and read the Torah!
• For more information about our curriculum and style of learning, click here.