There is a lot to get done in preparation for a boy's Bar Mitzvah!
JRCC's Bar Mitzvah clubs combines group sessions and activities + individual Hebrew reading lessons to make a boy's entrance into Jewish manhood enjoyable and meaningful.

At the JRCC BMC's we focus not only on the Bar Mitzva Day and celebration but on making sure your son stays a 'Bar Mitzva' for many years to come! Being a Jewish adult is a great privilege and responsibility and we would like to make certain that your son embraces this identity with understanding and enthusiasm. He should be proud of who he is!

We developed an awesome 'Bar Mitzva Discovery Course' which will take your son through the important
steps of Jewish history and tradition. Whatever level he is on - he will learn lots.

Between the topics that will be studied are:
What are the core Jewish Beliefs about G‑d, creation, purpose in life etc.
Blessings on food / Prayer
Mitzvot - tefillin, tzitzit etc.
kosher - what and how.
Why Jewish?
Jewish history and heroes 
Life's goal and purpose - Redemption!

Uniquely enough, we incorporate in our weekly sessions, the FULL preparation for your sons Bar
Mitzva celebration!

Hebrew Reading:
Each child's Hebrew reading level will be assessed the first time he attends the club. 
They will continue, based on their personal level, to master the full Hebrew Alef bet together with
all the vowels, guided by their club leader. When they are reading satisfactorily
they will start preparing the Torah portion of the week they will be
called up to the Torah.

If you have any specific questions or requests, please do not hesitate to discuss this with your local club leader. 

How to put on Tefilin:
Each child will be taught how to put on Tefillin. They will be given the opportunity
to learn how to tie the straps on their arm and head and be guided to make the
proper blessing in preparation for their Bar Mitzvah day and adult life. 

Practice to read the Torah: 
Each child will be given a specific portion of the Torah which they will be called up
to read on the day of their Bar Mitzvah. They will be guided in class to read with the
correct tune and pronunciation. Emphasis will also be placed on the blessings prior and after the
reading from the Torah.

♦ It is important to note that there are boys which need extra assistance in preparing the Torah reading. In such cases the BMC leader will refer you to a private tutor. The payment arrangments would be between yourself and the tutor.