JUNE 2017

Over 1,000 attend Shavuot Celebrations

Hundreds of children and adults attended the annual reading of the Ten Commandments on Shavuot at the various JRCC community synagogues last month. The children were treated to the now famous Shavuot Ice Cream Party while celebrating the receiving of the Torah at Mt. Sinai over 3,000 years ago, followed by a light dairy brunch buffet, including delicious cheesecakes and blintzes (cheese-filled, crepe-like pastries). In addition to the inspiration of standing together to hear the Ten Commandments beings read, as a community we also devoured over 180 liters of ice cream and 35 lbs of toppings. Children also received popular fidget spinner toys as gifts. The event was held simultaneously at all JRCC branches, with some branches holding multiple readings and parties throughout the day to accommodate everyone’s schedules.

Annual JRCC Staff and Volunteer BBQ

On Sunday, June 11 the JRCC hosted a special family barbecue for staff and volunteers who devote their time and energy to serving our community. Participants were treated to great food and words of encouragement from different members of the JRCC team to thank them for the profound impact they have on people’s lives and the community as a whole. Different storied highlighting the collective impact of the JRCC team were shared throughout the afternoon-evening. “We hold this annual event so that everyone who dedicated their time, their life, to helping others, whether as a full-time professional or as a part-time volunteer, should never feel that their efforts are taken for granted.” explains Rabbi Yoseph Y. Zaltzman, JRCC Senior Rabbi and Founder. “Without your hard work and dedication we would not have the active, inviting and vibrant community we are blessed with today. Together, we make people’s lives better.”

Uplifting Journey to the Rebbe

In honor of the 23rd anniversary of “Gimmel Tammuz”, several hundred people from our community, including a few dozen on an organized JRCC trip, joined tens of thousands of people from all walks of life and from around the world visited the Rebbe’s synagogue and Lubavitch World Headquarters at 770 Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York, and the Ohel, the Rebbe’s holy resting place in Queens. The participants of the trip also spent some time exploring the Crown Heights neighborhood, enjoying great meals together, and took in words of inspiration and personal stories highlighting the living legacy of the Rebbe – all while traveling on a new, state-of- the-art coach bus. Thank you to all the organizers and hosts for making it a rewarding a meaningful experience.

Hebrew School Graduation 2017

After the successful completion of a great year, students and teachers from the JRCC Hebrew School celebrated with a graduation evening, and each Hebrew School branch also held its own end-of- year party. The main graduation event featured a great presentation that highlighted the material covered in the past year, a ceremony awarding Aleph Champ medals to the students for completing their new Hebrew proficiency levels, and engaging interactive game show, and a special thank you to the teachers. The JRCC Hebrew School currently operates at a total of six locations in Richmond Hill, Maple, Concord, Thornhill, and North York. Sessions are available at various times and days of the week. To give your child the gift of Jewish education, and to give yourself the gift of Jewish naches, contact the JRCC Hebrew School at 416.222.7105 x225 or visit jrcc.org/hebrewschool. Registration is now open for September 2017, and a limited number of scholarships are available. 

Bat Mitzvah Celebrations

Participants of the Bat Mitzvah Clubs of JRCC@Rockford, JRCC West Thornhill, JRCC East Thornhill and JRCC S. Richmond Hill & Maple celebrated their graduation together with music and dancing in a joint ceremony attended by their families and friends. The girls spent the last year learning and discovering what becoming a Bat Mitzvah is all about, making friends, and developing a sense of pride in being a Jewish woman. For the graduation ceremony, each girl prepared a short speech, heard blessings from their teachers and community leaders, enjoyed a wonderful festive meal and atmosphere, and received special gifts. The evening culminated with a beautiful and touching candle lighting ceremony, during which mothers blessed their daughters. Registration is currently open for next year at jrcc.org/hebrewschool or hebrewschool@jrcc.org.