March 2017

Largest JRCC Purim Banquet in Years

On Sunday, March 12, over 1,000 people joined the JRCC’s annual Grand Purim Banquet, the largest crown attending in a decade! The even was completely sold out ten days in advance! This year’s event took on the theme of “Purim in Morocco.” The cuisine, decor and costumes all took on a royal, spicy, Middle-Eastern, desert theme, which gave an added air of excitement that fit well with the out-of- the-box nature of the Purim holiday. The festive dinner was accompanied by live music and dancing, and the evening featured a Ventriloquist comedy performance. A separate children’s programs, which included a show by the beloved Doo Doo the Clown, kept the kids busy and happy. It was a truly well-organized and memorable evening with a real carnival atmosphere. 

Purim Parties and Events

Over 1,500 people participated in Community Purim parties at JRCC Branches, with hundreds more participating in special parties for seniors at several seniors residences.

• The JRCC @ Rockford held its annual Purim festival, featuring an amazing magic show by Wonderful World of Circus, live music and various art projects and activities for kids.

• The JRCC West Thornhill held a family party featuring a fascinating and unique Fire Guy Custom LED Light Show and other entertainment and great food in a festive atmosphere.

• The JRCC East Thornhill hosted party featuring a Magic Show at its new centre on Yonge Street in Old Thornhill.

• The JRCC S Richmond Hill & Maple held its Purim party at the Nellie McClung Public School, featuring an Animal Show, Purim art and crafts, and other activities.

• JRCC South Thornhill organized a Purim party featuring a costume party and wonderful Purim refreshments for all.

• The JRCC Concord held a Purim party at its location in at 411 Confederate Parkway.

• There were also special Purim Parties for Seniors at two locations.

All the parties included Megillah readings and masquerades, delicious Purim refreshments, and gifts and prizes for the children.

Over 2,000 Purim Gift Packages Delivered

Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of staff and volunteers, over 2,000 festive Purim “Mishloach Manot” gift packages were delivered to homes in Ontario, including 1,100 in West Thornhill and 850 in East Thornhill. Several hundred packages were also gifted by people to each other via their local JRCC Branch, which coordinated the deliveries. The community participation in delivering the gifts, and the festive atmosphere and joy it spreads, made it an enjoyable and meaningful community activity. Special thank you to all the volunteers who assisted with the deliveries in their neighborhoods.

Kiddie Chefs, Purim Edition

Dozens of children ages three to eight attended Kiddie Chefs events with their parents to baked Hamatashen together and create beautiful masks in honor of Purim. They engaged in holiday-themed activities, and learned about the story and customs of the holiday. Kiddie Chefs events were hosted by JRCC East Thornhill, S Richmond Hill and Rockford.