One Shabbat, One World

As part of the annual international “One Shabbat, One World” event, the JRCC branches, along with 1,000 communities across the globe, hosted Friday night Community Dinners at seven locations on February 3. The events were part of the worldwide initiative to celebrate one Shabbat to unite the world, to bring the long awaited redemption for all mankind. Close to 600 people attended engaging events at six separate JRCC locations — including over 140 participants at the JRCC West Thornhill branch. Participants enjoyed hot food, a warm atmosphere and fascinating discussions about the Messianic era and its significance in Jewish life.

Biggest Yud Shvat Event in Years

The JRCC hosted its annual event in honor of Yud Shvat, the anniversary of the passing of the Rebbe Yosef Yitzchak Schneerson, the predecessor of the Rebbe, as well as the day the Rebbe formally accepted the mantle of leadership one year later. This year, the JRCC organized a lecture and farbrengen (gathering) featuring special guest speaker Rabbi Yossi Paltiel from New York. Over 200 people attended the special evening, in which Rabbi Paltiel shared words of wisdom and inspiration, as well as many uplifting personal stories, focusing on the convergence of intellectualism and Chassidic life, and the Rebbe-Chassid relationship. Many participants were inspired to make positive resolutions to strengthen their Jewish learning and practice, and a list of all those resolutions were written down to be delivered to the Rebbe’s holy resting place.

Daycare Renovation

The JRCC’s Leib and Mindel Gelfand Preschool and Daycare received a coveted City of Toronto Health and Safety Grant, recognizing its commitment to excellence and the value service it provides to the community. The funds will be used to renovate the facilitues, including redoing the floors, updating the kitchen, and repainting the entire facility