Important First Steps

Leib & Mindel Gelfand Daycare and Ohr Menachem Preschool


A child’s first school experience sets the tone for life. What kind of preschool would you choose? Who would you trust your child with during these precious years? The JRCC Leib & Mindel Gelfand Daycare and Ohr Menachem Preschool is a non-profit organization that provides a creative and warm Jewish environment for children ages 1.5 to 6 years where individual learning styles are valued and nurtured. Jewish values and educational principles combine to form a beautiful Jewish ECE experience that is nurturing and lays a solid foundation for their future growth. Children are encouraged to explore the world, to learn to be part of a group, and to solve problems in a constructive manner. Lead by the expertise and experience of ECE specialist Tanya Alkhazova and under the guidance of the JRCC’s rabbis, the JRCC’s Daycare & Preschool provides students with an excellent Jewish and general education. Our Hebrew program is rich in Judaic heritage, customs and Hebrew language, and children develop a strong feeling of Jewish identity. Our General Studies program includes a complete creative early childhood education (ECE) component, with arts, math, languages, computers and music, as well as nurturing care and Kosher nutritious food.

The eternal values of our people and our Torah blend seamlessly with contemporary ECE practices that children find engaging and enjoyable. The result is an atmosphere and curriculum that puts parents at ease knowing their precious child is in good hands.

There are many ways parents express their love for our program. For some, it is the trust that their child will be safe and happy while they are at work, while others focus on the professional level of our program.

“The homey and cozy environment, the caring, the loving relationship with the kids...” expresses Alison, “these are some of the reasons we like the JRCC Daycare.”

“My son has been in the Daycare for one year,” says Yehudit. “I am amazed by the warmth of the teachers, and the encouragement and stimulation he receives.”

Strong first steps result in a strength of spirit that leads to an enriched and meaningful life.

The JRCC Preschool and Daycare prides itself on over twenty years of excellence serving the childcare needs of Jewish families in Toronto and  in guiding the education and development of our children providing a nurturing framework that promotes self-confidence, self-discipline and a sense of purpose.