November 2013 News


Mommy & Baby Group

The JRCC West Thornhill launched a weekly Mommy & Baby group for young mothers at its Centre Street location, which engages through music, movement and the benefits of social interaction. The program helps strengthen bonds between mother and baby, helps with the babies’ social development, and fosters a sense of community among young mothers in the neighborhood.


An Evening of Music and Inspiration

On October 27 the JRCC West Thornhill hosted an Evening of Music and Inspiration with Thornhill’s very own Gershon Wachtel, with the topic of “Overcoming Life’s Challenges.” Wachtel is an accomplished concert pianist who also has a heart-wrenching yet inspiring personal story that captivates and uplifts, which he shares as he speaks and plays for audiences around the world.


Chanukah Kiddie Chefs

In preparation for Chanukah, Children ages three to eight were invited to come with their parents to bake Chanukah treats and do holiday-themed crafts together at the JRCC S Richmond Hill & Maple and the JRCC East Thornhill. The Kiddie Chefs program focuses on Jewish baking, baking traditional challahs or treats, and enjoying a fun Jewish-themed craft. It’s hands-on learning at its best, and its tastiest!


Women’s Events

Every month features gatherings just for women at all JRCC branches. Last month the JRCC East Thornhill featured an aromatherapy evening, where participants learned about the methods and benefits of aromatherapy with Tanya Holtsman. In addition to the great salad bar and inspiring thoughts that were shared, women also got to make their own aromatherapy sachets.


The Month of Light

The Hebrew month of Kislev is a month of tremendous spiritual healing and light, with many historic dates to commemorate. The JRCC celebrated with several events, including

a large (farbrengen) gathering in honor of 9-10 Kislev at the JRCC@Rockford, a Shabbat gathering at every JRCC branch in honor of the 14th of Kislev, and a city-wide 19 Kislev farbrengen hosted by the JRCC West Thornhill.