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Rabbi David Davidov immigrated with his family to Israel as a teenager in 1989 where he studied before doing his military training. In the army, he was the spiritual leader to soldiers and officers alike. After completing military training, he continued his studies at Tomchei T’mimim Lubavich Yeshivah in Tzfat and at the Central Tomchei T’mimim in New York in 1999.

After his marriage to Chana in 2003, he continued studying at the Kolel Tzemach Tzedek in Tzfat, from 2003 to 2006, before coming to Toronto as the rabbi for the Kafkaz community of Ontario in 2006.


Mrs. Chana Rivka Davidov (nee Don), mother of four, spiritual leader and professional teacher, was born to an Orthodox family in France in 1983. She immigrated to Israel in 1997 where she continued studying at Beit Rivka in Kfar Chabad. She had previously been studying at Beit Rivka in Paris.

After her marriage in 2003, she studied at and got her teaching qualifications from Beit Chana in Tzfat. She taught for three years before coming to Canada in 2006. Here she continues educating children and adults both from within and outside of the community on Jewish topics and Hebrew.