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T: 416.222.7105 

F: 416-222-7812

E: jrcc@jrcc.org



5987 Bathurst Street, Suite 3 

Toronto, ON  M2R 1Z3  Canada

STAFF DIRECTORY  (listed alphabetically):

Adirin, Masha

Rabbi Karpilovsky's Assistant 

x 283

Karpilovsky, Henya

Program Coordinator at JRCC 18 Rockford Rd.

x 235

Aftabi, Roi

Furniture Depot-Director of Development


Kasimova, Lena 


x 232 
Alkhazov, Tanya  

Supervisor, JRCC Day Care 

x 501

Kogan, Ella  

Exodus Production Coordinator 

x 222

Bar, Natella

Bookstore & Library

x 239

Levit, Efraim

JRCC Concord Coordinator

x 249

Bercovici, Chen 

Office Manager

x 231

Merovitch, Rina 

Advertising Sales Representative 

x 241

Blau, Rabbi Levi

Rabbi of JRCC South Thornhill 

x 288

Natarov, Mordechai 


x 229 

Blau, Mushky

Program Coordinator at JRCC South Thornhill 

x 289

Shuchat, Rabbi Zalman 

Rockford Youth Centre  

x 238

Braude, Bee                          

Rabbi Zaltzman's Assistant 

x 244

Yogev, Dikla

Community relations at the Furniture Depot

x 256

Chanowitz, Rabbi Shua  

Program Coordinator 

x 242

Zaltzman, Rabbi Avrohom  

JRCC S. Richmond Hill & Maple 

x 247

Dukhovny, Kira 

Accounts Receivable  
x 226

Zaltzman, Chanie

Media & PR, programing JRCC East Thornhill

x 234

Garber, Faina 

Administrative assistant  

x 280

Zaltzman, Chiena

Jewish Curriculum at JRCC Daycare

Genshenza, Mila 

Accounts Payable 

x 223

Zaltzman, Rabbi Mendel 

Adminisration, Development  & JRCC of East Thornhill 

x 227 

Greenberg, Izzy 

Editor, Exodus Magazine - English  


Zaltzman, Sarale

Program coordinator at JRCC of S Richmond Hill & Maple and JRCC Maple Hebrew School

x 246 

Halperin, Rachel 

Principal, Hebrew School 

x 225

Zaltzman, Rabbi Yoseph Y. 

Senior Rabbi & Founder 

x 278 

Hildeshaim, Rabbi Chaim  

Rabbi @ the JRCC`s Thornhill Woods Affiliate


Zelkowicz Anna

Jewish Identity

x 237

Jacobson, Rabbi Levi Jacobson

Rabbi of JRCC West Thornhill 

x 240


Jacobson, Nechama Dina 

Programing at JRCC West Thornhill

x 252


Karpilovsky, Rabbi Yisroel 

Rabbi of JRCC 18 Rockford Rd. 

x 235




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