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JRCC Publications

JRCC Publications

JRCC Publications
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JRCC Publications endeavor to provide unique and exciting intellectual content as part of our mission to strengthen Jewish life, inspire spiritual exploration, stimulate discussion on important issues and serve the needs of our growing community.

Exodus Magazine

The JRCC published two unique magazines every month, one in English and one in Russian.  Visit for more information.

Annual Calendar & Program Guide
The JRCC Annual Jewish Calendar and Program Guide is a unique community resource, providing information about:

  • Jewish Holidays and Customs
  • JRCC Community Programs
  • Businesses serving our community

This combination makes our calendar an invaluable resource for our community.  If you did not receive a copy of our calendar last year, and would like to get one this year, please fill out our subscription form. (Available in both English and Russian).

Weekly publication
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Candle Lighting Magnet

Shabbat Shalom Weekly


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