JRCC publications endeavor to provide unique and exciting intellectual content as part of our mission to strengthen Jewish life, inspire spiritual exploration, stimulate discussion on important issues and serve the needs of our growing community.
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Exodus Magazine
The JRCC publishes two unique magazines every month, in English and Russian. It's 18,000 readers enjoy articles on Jewish faith and customs, stories, currents events and more.
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Annual Calendar & Program Guide 
The JRCC Annual Jewish Calendar and Program Guide is a unique community resource, providing information about:

  • Jewish Holidays and Customs
  • JRCC Community Programs
  • Businesses serving our community

This combination makes our calendar an invaluable resource for our community.  If you did not receive a copy of our calendar, please fill out our  subscription form or pick one up at our main office. (Available in English and Russian).

Weekly publication with articles on the parsha, holidays, current events and Jewish law. 
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Join thousands worldwide in the chitas study cycle which includes the weekly Torah potion, Tanya, Tehillem as well as daily inspiration from Hayom Yom.
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Shabbat Shalom Weekly
Our weekly newsletters include information on upcoming events, torah articles and more.
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