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Bar Mitzva

Bar Mitzva


Our Program
In Judaism, turning 13 is very important: it’s when you become Bar Mitzvah. The goal of the Bar Mitzvah club is to help you prepare for this special day, and keep growing.
The club will incorporate Hebrew reading, how to put on Tefillin, and prepare each child to read their individual portion of the Torah

But most of all, you will learn about what it really means to be Jewish, and why the most important Jewish teen in the world is…you.

Bar Mitzvah Club meetings take place at JRCC @ 18 Rockford.
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In this Section
Prayer Schedule
Shachrit (morning) 
Sunday & Legal Holidays - 9:00 am  
Monday – Friday - 7:00 am
10:00 - Shacharit
10:30 - Childrens Program
11:00 - Torah Reading
12:00 - Weekly Sermon
12:30 - Kiddush
Kollel @ Rockford

JRCC Kollel @ Rockford

The JRCC Kollel @Rockford takes place Sunday to Friday before Shachris and after Mincha. Study topics include tanach, mishna, talmud and chassidut.

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18 Rockford Rd.
Toronto ON
M2R 3V9