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Sale of Matzahs

Sale of Matzahs


Matzah Shmurah

Get the real thing!

On a spiritual level, Passover is the festival of freedom. Freedom can only be achieved through humility, since you can't experience something beyond yourself if you are "full of yourself." Bread that is leavened or rises represents ego, while the flatness of the Matzah represents humility. So it makes sense that the official food for the Festival of Freedom is unleavened bread. We are exceptionally careful to avoid any leavened foods during Passover, and use only Hand Made Shmurah Matzah during the Seders.
Shmurah matzah is matzah made from flour that was guarded from any moisture from the time of the harvest (or at least milling) until it arrives in your mouth, all for the sake of the mitzvah. The perfect Matzah is the hand made Shmurah Matzah, made with extra supervision specifically for the mitzvah of eating matzah at the Seder. So make sure you get the real thing.

We offer Matza Shmurah from Israel, New York, Montreal and Ukraine.

Matza Shmurah
is available for sale at our office:
5987 Bathurst St., Suite 3

The prices are as follow:

Ukraine - $25 per lb.
Israel –$26 per lb.
Montreal - $29 per lb.

US Regular - $28 per lb.
US whole weat - $28 per lb.

Single Matzah Shmura - $3.00

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Our office is open:

Sunday: 12 - 5
Monday to Thursday: 9 - 6
Friday: 9 - 3hrs before Shabbat

Please contact us at 416.222.7105