MAY 2015 

City-Wide Lag BaOmer event at Earl Bales Park

Close to 5,000 people converged on North York’s Earl Bales Park for Lag B’Omer celebrations on May 7. The family friendly event that was cohosted together with the Tzivos Hashem Canada chidlren’s organizaton, and co-sponsored by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, the Israeli Immigration and Absroption Office, York Centre MP Mark Adler, and Natan and Flora Aronshtam. There was a jubilant, festive atmosphere throughout the evening, with hundreds of people involved in fun activities and spending quality time with their families and each other. The highlights were the lively parade with children from various schools and organizations participating, including the JRCC, and a Fire Show. Other attractions included a fair with rides, a barbecue and treats, face painting, and other activities throughout the evening, and of course a great bonfire.

Gen J Lag BaOmer Kumzitz

Later in evening on Lag B’Omer, the bonfire became the focal point, with people gathering around, playing music, singing, and roasting potatoes and marshmallows on the openfire. As night came, hundreds of students and young adults from across the city converged on the scene to participate in the Gen J Kumzitz, in coordination with several student groups and organizations. Live music and a barbecue dinner were the main attractions, but as always the most memorable part of the evening was the opportunity to gather and “chill” with friends, and make some new ones.

Preschool & Daycare Facelift

The JRCC Preschool & Daycare underwent a recent facelift to freshem appearances and create a more streamlined, organized environment. Premises and furnishings were repainted, clutter was removed, and enw storage spaces were introduced to create a more open-concept atmosphere for the students and staff.

JRCC Unveils New Pushka Design

The JRCC Pushkas (charity boxes) have been a ubiquitous presence in the GTA for many years. Though they collect loose change, when added all together these charity boxes contribute a significant boost to the funding of JRCC programs and services. In addition, the mitzvah of Tzedaka (charity) is a central Jewish value that is promoted by having pushkas in homes, businesses and even cars throughout the community – a mitzvah which spreads kindness and helps hasten the redemption. The JRCC just introduced a new Pushka design (pictured here). To order a new pushka or have a full one picked up, call 416.222.7105 x229.

Hebrew School 2015-2015 Registration Now Open

JRCC Hebrew School registration is now open for the coming school year. The JRCC Hebrew School provides a Jewish environment within the child’s own neighborhood, with his/her own friends, and is a onvenient after-school activity for the parents. The opportunity to learn what it means to be Jewish through engaging in Jewish history, Hebrew language, and becoming familiar with Jewish holidays and other observances, solidifies our children’s Jewish identity. The acclaimed Aleph Champ program creates an individualized program of study that enables each student to progress in his/her Hebrew Reading skills by graduating to different levels using various colored “belt” levels like in Karate. The program is focused on education through hands-on experience and fun, where Judaism comes to life with a variety of creative art projects, educational games and interactive seminars. The sessions take place on Sundays and weekdays after school in six locations. For information and registration, please visit