January 2015

JRCC East Thornhill Launches Building Campaign

Last month, the JRCC East Thornhill hosted a Gala Dinner to celebrate the official launch of its building campaign. The new centre will be located on Yonge Street in Old Thornhill, in the prestigious WaterGarden development. The purchase is completed, the property is now owned by the JRCC East Thornhill, permits are in hand, and renovations are already underway! The plan is to move in later this year. In the coming months we will be updating you on the progress. 

Purim Coming Soon!

Purim programs are all set and ready to go at all JRCC branches and programs. Each
neighborhood branch and program, like the Hebrew School and the Daycare, will host their own parties. The main event is always the community-wide Purim Banquet, with this year's featuring a desert theme called “Purim on Mount Sinai,” which applies to the cuisine and the costumes. Visit jrcc.org for all the details.

Got Matzah?

Yes, Purim is just about to happen – but that means Passover is just around the corner. 
The JRCC is stocking a great selection of traditional, hand-made Shmura Matzah. Shmurah Matzah is a must-have for the Seder nights, and also highly recommended for the entire holidays. To order Matzah, sell your chametz, or any Passover related questions, call 416.222.7105.

Passover Food Drive

The JRCC’s annual Passover Food Drive, in conjunction with the National Council for 
Jewish Women, received hundreds of applications for assistance for the upcoming Passover holiday. Close to 400 families will receive holiday food packages in the coming weeks. Special thanks for the staff, volunteers, and generous donors who make this essential service possible.

Warming Up Winter

How do you add warmth and light to you life during the cold, dark Canadian winters? The Torah is known as Torah Ohr, the Torah of light. As participants in the JRCC’s Institute of Jewish Studies experienced, it has the power to illuminate and warm with its wisdom and insights into living a soulful life. Despite the cold weather and snowstorms, dozens of men and women joined classes on a variety of interesting topics, and joined personalized one-on-one study sessions. To learn more (pun intended), visit jrcc.org/ijs.