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Other cities

Other cities

Russian-speaking centres in North America


Click here for Chabad Centers around the world.

Russian Speaking Centres in other Cities across North America:


Calgary, Alberta - Mrs. R. Matusof, 403.538.4880

Montreal, Quebec - Rabbi I. Sirota, 514.737.5438

Montreal, Quebec - Rabbi M. Reikhtman, 514.738.2495


Baltimore, MD - Rabbi Belinski, 410.517.0770

Boston, MA - Rabbi D. Rotkin, 617.787.2200

Chicago, IL - Rabbi S. Notik, 773.274.5123

Denver, CO - Rabbi A. Sirota, 303.355.8223

Los Angeles, CA - Rabbi N. Estulin, 213.874.0858

Miami, FL - Rabbi A. Kaller, 305.803.5315

Milwakee, WI - Rabbi Y. Kitner, 414.961.6100

New Jersey:

Elizabeth - Rabbi M. Kanelsky, 908.289.0770

Fair Lawn - Rabbis B. & M. Zaltzman, 201.791.7200
Marlboro - Rabbi Y. Kanelsky, 732.316.7600

New York:


Brighton Beach - Rabbi Hirsh Okunov, 718.368.4490

Coney Island - Rabbi Dovid Okunov, 718.796.2464

Crown Heights- Rabbi M. Okunev, 718.467.0860

Kensington - Rabbi M. C. Levin, 718.854.0006
Queens: Rabbi Eli Blokh, 718-393-3085

San Francisco, CA - Rabbi B. Pil, 415.386.8523