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Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Jewish Education Endowment Fund


Jewish Education Endowment Fund

    In 2006, over $130,000 was raised at a tribute dinner celebrating the JRCC's 25th Anniversary. The funds were used to establish the Jewish Education Endowment Fund in honor of Rabbi Yoseph and Rebbitzin Chiena Zaltzman. Each year, the fund grows as donors contribute to it, and the proceeds of its 10% return are used to assist children in obtaining a Jewish education.

The funding members of this fund ($5,000) are:

Aronshtam, Natan
Bresler, Ron
Bronfman, David
Campbell, Barry
Feldberg, Saul
Goldberg, Marty
Gotlieb, Max
Grad, Herman
Granovsky, Irving
Khazanski, David
Kholodenko, Edward
Kimel, Warren
Korenzvit, Igor
Mirvish, David
Nisker, Neil
Orzakovski, Gideon
Sepiashvili, Mikhail
Shats, Michael
Sheff, Gerald
Sherman, Barry
Shnaider, Alex
Tanenbaum, Howard
Vainberg, Izrail
Waks, Fred
Winograd, Chuck  

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Jewish Education Endowment Fund

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